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La Tierra Sagrada is Salon Quality, All Natural, Holistic Hair care for Everyone.

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The Treatment is what started LTS and we swear by its ability to nourish, transform & protect your crown. Apply it 1 to 2 times a week to reduce hair shedding, balance out scalp irritation & stimulate follicle growth for healthier, fuller & stronger hair!


The Hairemony

Rituals are solemn ceremonies consisting of a series of actions imbued with intention. Something as simple as hair-care can become a sacred ritual if you create the space for self-healing. Today, several brands establish themselves as ‘self care’—but what does that really mean? For Sondra, La Tierra Sagrada products focus on the importance of creating intentional ritual around hair care, or Hairemony.

Infused with a blend of medicinal plants, sacred essences, and some ancient blessings for good measure, her all-natural, hand-blended products purify and transform strands while imparting them with a supernaturally healthy sheen.

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100% Plant based, Naturally Derived Ingredients