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Wide Tooth Comb

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Wide Tooth Comb

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Our Wide Tooth Comb is the newest addition to the La Tierra Sagrada Hair line and we are very excited to introduce it to you!

Custom designed by our founder and made from the finest Italian Bio-Acetate, this stunning, one-of-a-kind piece is the ultimate compliment to your Hairemony.

Bio-Acetate, like traditional Acetate, is a highly durable and attractive material made from cotton and wood fibers.  However, unlike traditional Acetate that uses fossil fuel based plasticizers, Bio-Acetate uses organically derived plasticizers that have been proven to biodegrade in 115 days under industrial composting conditions.    

Expect your comb to last a lifetime as it beautifies your nightstand or bathroom shelf.

"As a hairstylist, I cannot emphasize enough- the wide tooth comb is your bff!  When hair is wet or tangled, this is a gentle way to comb through the hair without abruptly disturbing the cuticle or pulling hair from the head."

-Stefani Padilla, LTS Founder

⁣R I T U A L

-In the shower-

Apply La Tierra Sagrada Repair Masque to wet or towel-dried hair.

Pull the Masque through the lengths and ends of the hair with fingers.

Massage into the scalp only when extra hydration is needed (especially for thick, course, or curly hair).

Comb through with the La Tierra Sagrada Wide Tooth Comb.

Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

-Post Shower-

For thick, coarse hair, use a small amount of the La Tierra Sagrada Conditioner or Jojoba as a leave in to seal ends before combing through.

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