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The Ritualist - Complete Haircare Collection

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The Ritualist - Complete Haircare Collection

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We believe in the power of using our entire line together for complete hair renewal, transformation, and the best results for total hair health. I created this line to be a holistic set, and we are offering it at a discount for those ready to dive deep!

 The Complete Hair Collection includes:

8oz Shampoo

8oz Conditioner

8oz Repair Masque

6oz Treatment

4oz Jojoba

8oz Salt Spray

4oz Dry Shampoo with Brush

Custom Bio-Acetate Comb


Total Value is $332 

Available as Complete Set for $320

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Clean Hair Care Products

I purchased the entire line about two months ago and can attest that these products have affected my hair positively. My hair is fine and thinning due to adrenal fatigue. The products help heal my irritated scalp while strengthening the hair. I have noticed a slight growth since I started using La Tierra Sagrada. One must know that long term stress has a huge negative impact on our hair. While I am not expecting an overnight miracle, I am pleased with how my scalp and hair are slowly yet steadily improving,

Jennifer Foxen
Healthy product line I love!

I waited a little while to write a review because I wanted to give the products some time to see how my hair and scalp responded. I have fine, dry, long, heat damaged curly hair. I’ve made some drastic changes in my hair routine from diet to products I use and it’s paying off. I found these products were not only safe from an ingredients used but offered benefits for my achieving my hair goals. After a few uses of the entire product line I could see and feel results and so could my friends and family. I finally love my curls. The mask left my hair shiny and soft without weighing my curls or leaving heavy or greasy. I started using dry shampoo for the first time which I was skeptical and hesitant on how much I would like it. I love that I can go longer between washes and stylings and it’s adds lift back to my hair with a very subtle pleasing smell that doesn’t irritate my scalp. I used to have an itchy scalp which I now know was a reaction to the chemicals in my old shampoos drying my scalp and irritating it. I also noticed I have less hair shed compared to other products. I would highly recommend this entire line of products if you are looking for a safe product and trying to achieve healthy hair.

This is IT!!!! the complete set, just do it!

I won the complete Ritualist Collection so I have had the luxury of trying this entire line, start to finish. and....
OMGS!!!! it is nothing short of amazing. i have a ton of long wavy hair, ever so slightly highlighted. I have now done the whole routine three times over and I am completely blown away by how soft my hair is, how bouncy (seriously, bouncy, but soft, not weighed down). still working with the salt spray, i think i should try this on wet hair, but the rest is amazing so far. i use put the treatment in and leave it for at least 24 hours. yes i am greasy, but i do a long braid. then i double shampoo, put repair masque on ends, conditioner on crown, comb through. just out of shower i put about 8 drops of jojoba in palm and scrunch into very wet ends. then tie up with old t shirt and then, don't touch your hair! perfect. thank you La Tierra, I am such a lucky girl and you have won a hair care loyalist for life!

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